AIR Cloud

Introducing AIR Cloud - the one stop online management portal for your MikroTik-based WiFi Hotspots with simple billing, low cost and full functionality including Facebook and Google login.

A dashboard view offers a visual, at-a-glance view of the health and utilization of the network and being a cloud-based service additional features are added periodically at no additional charge.

Login Method

For guest account management and network routing, we recommend the MikroTik RouterBoard range of routers which are fully managed by AIR Cloud.  The hotspot can be configured in a number of ways, and any combination of the following can be utilized:

  • Fully Open – Guests will simply connect to the WiFi system and start browsing.
  • Social Login – Integration with Facebook, Google (and more to come) allows guests to authenticate using their Social profile and will need to ‘Like’ your hotel page to gain access.
  • SMS – Guests are sent an SMS with their login details via SMS, ensuring the correct details are entered, ensuring compliance with current and future legal requirements. Costs per SMS sent are billed separately.
  • Vouchers – A number of vouchers are pre-printed (you set your own pre-paid time and cost) and kept at reception. End-users purchase these vouchers and use the printed login/password to access the internet
  • Fixed accounts – a number of fixed accounts can be created with no time limits for administrator use or for extended period users (such as conference guests).
  • Credit Card payments – customers can purchase internet access directly from the login page using their credit cards or PayPal account.
  • Billing by room (optional) – We can integrate the hotspot with your hotel property management software system to allow guests to bill their internet usage to the room.

Pricing – AIR Cloud Management

Description Daily Registration Limit Ideal For Monthly Cost
AIR Cloud Small
50 Small Restaurants & Bars € 150
AIR Cloud Medium
100 Large Restaurants & Boutique Hotels € 250
AIR Cloud Large
500 Large Hotels, Nightclubs, Shopping Malls and Public Venues € 450

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